Pretty in Pink

The Pretty in Pink arrangement is a lush look that’s great for any dining room table or get well occasion. The fragrance alone will knock your socks off.

Igloo of White

This simple yet elegant Igloo of White Hydrangeas arrangement is a very popular bridal design and can be found on reception tables across the country.

Hydrangea Mix

The Hydrangea Mix bouquet is such a rock star look because you can completely customize it to your liking.

51 Shades of Gray

The 51 Shades of Gray is one of the most popular designs in my new book “Flower Power.’’ Achieve a killer arrangement every time.


All Rose Bouquet

The All Rose Bouquet is a timeless arrangement. Dress up your table or entry way whenever the mood to impress strikes you.

Classic Roses

Decreasing the Rose count and introducing leafy greens makes the Classic Roses arrangement perfect for the designer on a budget.

Garden Mix

The Garden Mix is fabulous because it is just so customizable. Replace any of the suggested flowers in this recipe to your favorite blooms for a 100% personal design.

Green and White Looks Right!


Everyone Loves Callas

The Everyone Loves Callas arrangement is an all-time favorite not only because it is strikingly beautiful but it is also one of the easiest to create.

Baby’s Bouquet

Baby’s Breath is very much in vogue again and modern brides simply can’t get enough!

Alstro & Lavender

So French! Alstromeria is not only gorgeous but it is very easily found and once partnered with lovely smelling Lavender, this arrangement is one to beat!

The Modern Orchid

The Modern Orchid arrangement is such a trendy, sleek, urban look and one that’s gaining popularity by the second!