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Flower Crazy™ Complete DIY Flower Design Kit


Special Offer – Flower Crazy™ Cylinder and Cube Regularly $58.99 – Buy both for just $39.98 ($19.99 each.)


Each Flower Crazy™ kit contains 1 Flower Crazy™ Cylinder with 3 unique lids, 1 Flower Crazy™ Square with 3 unique lids and a Flower Crazy™ recipe book. With Flower Crazy™ you can achieve all 12 beautiful designs and become an expert flower designer in minutes!




Developed by floral designer, flower design instructor & author of the books ‘Flower Power’, ‘Design Star’ and ‘American in Paris’ Michael Gaffney, the Flower Crazy™ system is centered around a foolproof formula that takes all the guesswork out of flower arranging.


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